The Merrimack Valley Reliability Project (MVRP) is a new 345-kV overhead transmission line stretching from Londonderry, NH to Tewksbury, MA, which was recently approved by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee and the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board. The MVRP is one component of the Greater Boston and New Hampshire Solution, a response to the growing demand for electricity in the Greater Boston and southern New Hampshire region.

Project construction is set to begin in the Fall of 2016 and the MVRP is anticipated to be in service in 2017. Following is a general overview of the construction process typical of a 345-kv transmission line like the MVRP, and is representative of what neighbors can expect to see taking place in the right-of-way throughout the process. 

MVRP Construction Process

  • Step 1

    Vegetation Management / Rights-of-Way Clearing

  • Step 2

    Work Area Prep and Environmental Controls

  • Step 3

    Structure Foundation Installation

  • Step 4

    New Structure Installation

  • Step 5

    Wire Stringing

  • Step 6

    Restore Rights-of-Way