We’re pleased to announce that Eversource and National Grid have completed the construction of the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project; the new 345-kV transmission line recently built within the power line corridor.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and express our appreciation for your patience and cooperation throughout the siting and construction of this significant reliability project that will strengthen the electric system for customers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and throughout New England. 

A strong electrical transmission system is vital to our region’s safety and economic prosperity. To improve reliability and address growing electricity demands identified by ISO-NE, National Grid and Eversource have teamed up to implement the Greater Boston and New Hampshire Solution, comprised of various projects in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

One of the projects is the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project (MVRP), a new 345-kilovolt (kV) overhead transmission line approximately 24.5 miles long and running in existing utility rights-of-way between Londonderry, NH, and Tewksbury, MA.

In New Hampshire, approximately 18 miles pass through Londonderry, Hudson, Windham and Pelham, NH. Eversource constructed 10 miles through Londonderry and Hudson, and National Grid constructed 8 miles through Hudson, Windham, and Pelham.

In Massachusetts, approximately 6.5 miles pass through Dracut, Andover and Tewksbury. National Grid constructed this entire portion.

For additional information about the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project, please view our project overview sheet.

For a full listing of past events and public outreach, click HERE.

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities Filings

Click HERE to access the Project filing to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MA DPU).

Click HERE to access the Project Needs Assessment, part of the filing appendix.

Click HERE to access the official Order of Notice for the Project’s MA DPU hearing.

Click HERE to access the MA DPU’s Notice of Public Comment.

On April 28, 2016, the MA DPU voted to approve the Massachusetts portion of the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project.

To view the MA DPU's full File Room, please click HERE and enter "15-44" in the "Docket Number" box. 

New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee Filings

On October 4, 2016, the NH SEC issued its Certificate of Approval for the New Hampshire portion of the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project. 

Click HERE to access the Project filing (Docket no. 2015-05) with the NHSEC.

Merrimack Valley Reliability Project Facts

  • Route Length

    • 24.5 miles

      Approximate Total Length

    • 6.5 miles

      Approximate Length in Massachusetts

    • 18 miles

      Approximate Length in New Hampshire

    Siting Regulators

    • Department of Public Utilities (DPU)


    • Site Evaluation Committee (SEC)

      New Hampshire

  • Locations

    • Dracut, Andover, Tewksbury


    • Londonderry, Hudson, Windham, Pelham

      New Hampshire

    Estimated Timetable

    • Begin Community Outreach

    • MA DPU Filing

    • NH SEC Filing

    • Construction

    • In-Service

  • Line Voltage

    • 345,000

      Volts (345-kV)